Operating with true notions about learning and ethics


Managing financial risk with continuous rigor governance, model & processes


Strategic consulting in investment, hedging, asset & wealth management


Quantitative modelling with climate science to reduce climate risk & identify new opportunities

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Asset Allocation

Financial Risk Measure

AI Governance

Climate Risk Measure

RsRL is an international independent strategic consulting body that combines deep rooted cutting-edge technology and fundamental research in providing future decision process on sovereign risk, finance, climate, energy and AI ethics through quantitative risk measure, models and thought leadership.

Asset Allocation

Market risk may vary

Our Asset allocation decision strategy is based on sophisticated dispense of investment across several asset categories.Stocks, bonds, and treasury bills, cash alternatives are the most common components of an asset allocation strategy. know more..

Risk Measure

Facility that provides leadership

We provide risk quantification, valuations, strategies for all asset classes with a guaranteed return of investment in the form of cost savings and available market mechanism in the disruptive world.Our risk measure principles improve institutions’ know more..

AI Governance

Raise awareness about digital.

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great ethical, economic, social, health-care, climate & environmental, security promise. AI systems help societies acquire new learning, design, democratize and create the inclusive improvement of real-time social benefits for all. know more..


Since the inception (2009) past TEN years ago RsRL has
been the obvious voice of modeling of Quantitative Risk Measure

Model validation, Market data validation, VaR, ES, FRTB, xVA, PFE, SA-CCR, MTM&CVA, DFA

Financial Risk

Portfolio management, alternative asset management, Emerging asset management, Private equity.

Asset Management

Climate asset management, Climate credit risk, Climate investment risk analysis, Climate financial exposure, Climate portfolio analytics, Climate physical exposure(extreme event)

Climate Risk

AI Ethics patents, AI policy models

AI Ethics


We support financial institutions (investment banks, commercial banks, asset management companies, pension funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth fund, insurance), Fortune 500 corporations, and governments around the world. We build on our extensive experience across sectors to provide data-driven solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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